Volunteer Signup

ILITE Robotics is hosting a Virginia Regional FLL (FIRST Lego League) Robotics competition as a way of promoting the amazing experience that we have had with FIRST to our community. Children of all ages will be able to come together and enjoy the new, exciting event. From all over our community - all of 30 schools and 48 teams - students will gather together, and have the chance to test the robots and the programs they had put together.

In order for success in such a venture, it is imperative to have a great volunteer staff. We need referees, judges, field set up, student assistance and host positions. Please select the task that you would like to perform. We will have training prior to the event and set up the evening prior.

A sincere "Thank you" from all of us at ILITE,

Gail D. Drake

FLL Regional VOLUNTEERS: November 22, 2014 – 7am to 5pm – @ Battlefield High School + Add to Google Calendar View Full Screen

Training will be provided to our volunteers will be provided prior to the event.