Welcome to the 2014 Haymarket FLL Regional Competition

The 2013 results are in! Check it out:
Haymarket 1 Results - Haymarket 2 Results

Event Photos

Photos from the event Will be Available for Purchase/Sharing at:

Lunch Pre-Orders


What to Bring

This is a fairly complete list of things you will want to consider bringing to the tournament. Feel free to bring additional items.
  • Consent Form (one per person)
  • Team Profile Sheet (four per team)
  • Robot
  • Box in which to carry your robot
  • Laptop
  • Anything you need for your project presentation
  • Batteries
  • Backup copy of your program (electronic)
  • Printed copy of your program, if possible, for the robot design judges
  • Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized, team playing cards)
FIRST Consent/Release Form
Coaches are responsible for ensuring that each team member, mentor and coach submits to the coach a release form (signed by the team member’s parent/guardian). Team members will not, and cannot, be allowed on the performance floor or in the judging rooms without these forms. Coaches must bring a copy of the signed release forms to leave at the regional tournament registration desk. THIS IS REQUIRED AND WILL BE ENFORCED.

Team Profile Sheet
Please bring four (4) copies. You will turn in one copy at the registration desk. The team will give one copy to the Robot Design Judges, one copy to the Project Presentation Judges and one copy to the Teamwork Judges. This form can be found here: Team Profile Sheet. It is very helpful to the judges if you attach a team photo on the back, but this is optional.

* No outside food items allowed, please support the students who are putting this event on for you. We will provide practice tables for teams to use during the event, so please do not bring your own.

Notice for Teams

Teams may enter the school at 8:25am. Please do not attempt to enter earlier. Please enter the school via the Main or Front Doors. These are the doors that are adjacent to the flag pole. Once you are in the school, go left to the large open space (cafeteria). The registration table will be on gym side of this room. Our volunteers will be in purple shirts. No one on your team can enter the gym until the entire team has submitted their consent forms.